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Monetize your passions as a
teacher through Musby
At Musby we believe hobbies can connect people.
Create your unique class and share an experience together.
Create Your Class

1. Register as a teacher

First, create your own original class.
What information do I need to provide?
Simply upload the class descriptions, a class profile picture, and set a price. Promote your classes as you see fit.
Who can reserve my classes?
You decide your own rules, conditions, and schedule. Update your class calendar to fit your personal needs without stress.

2. Students find your listing and book

A message and reservation confirmation will be sent to your inbox.
Chat with your students
Chat with incoming students to get to know them and answer any questions.
Decide the details of the lesson
Set the meeting location beforehand. Meet at a common area or at the class address, either is okay.

3. Teach your unique lesson

Determine your own schedule and style. Some teachers offer a lesson plan, others are more hands-off. How you teach is up to you.
How students pay
Musby will handle all payment processing. There is no need to handle any cash. We charge the student several days before the class to ensure payment.
How teachers recieve payments
Setup your account with Stripe through us, and receive your payments automatically 72 hours after finishing your class. Easy!
Listing your classes on Musby is free! Musby profits only when you profit. Musby charges a 15% commission fee.
Setting your lesson prices
Set the prices of your original lessons as you see fit!
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